Andrew Brookes

Kursaal Ward Resident

Issues Reported As Follows

LuminoCity Cost over 172 K

Posted : February 28th 2023

LuminoCity 172462 pounds Not so long back if my memory serves me well the Labour led Council declared a 'financial crisis' . So when I quoted today in https//www.echo– 'vinegar and potatoes diet' I am using a Metaphor to succinctly express the situation. Obviously Lib Dem councillor Carole Mulroney doesn't seem to understand this. I make the point that labour led council by trying to have the street lights dimmed obviously did not worry about the potential risk to increase crime and increase the fear of crime. Then they intended to blow it all on a couple of days event. Does that strike anybody as prudent use of money or being responsible

Kursaal Revisited

Posted : Monday 9th January

Following my reporting to the Council of the state of the Kursaal at least the missing Windows have been boarded up to prevent further pigeon insurgency

Trip Hazard

Posted : November 22nd 2022

Trip hazards should not be underestimated. In my late fathers case when he broke his femur after a fall even though he received hospital treatment and an operation evidently the trauma to the body of the fall and broken leg was what killed him. Trip hazard raised and cracked pavement Stromness Rd southchurch Reported to Council Tciket No 15718654

Abandoned Trolleys and Rubbish York Rd

Posted : 14 November 2022

Abandoned Trolleys and rubbish; which I consider to be acts of antisocial behaviour . report number 15656620

Shouthhall CHurch PArk Rat problem

Posted : Wednesday 21St September 2022

Exploding population of Brown Rats Rattus norvegicus reported to Southend Council and SHIP Tuesday 20th September 2022 .One issue is that Voles which are protected and vulnerable to the rats partly due to challenged over habitat

Kursaal Building Fabric defect

Posted : Tuesday 20 September

I noticed that there is a building fabric issue with the Kursaal building. My viewpoint was standing next to the 300 Degrees bar restaurant and looking up . So roughly its the South facing facade that has the problem.

If you look at the attached photograph it appears that a window is missing .

Now I also saw Feral Pigeons flying about inside; from memory when i was working in pest control/environmental health they defecate their own body weight of circa 350 grams over a time period of a couple of weeks. So faecal matter can build up quickly. Obviously faecal matter is a focal point for flies and will constitute a health hazard due to pathogens that can cause diseases such as "pigeon fanciers lung " and so on.

i didn't get the chance of viewing the state of the whole building fabric but generally the brickwork looks OK. As it's a landmark demolishing the Kursaal can not be an option but I wonder what the Council intends to do with the building rather than leaving it empty and not fulfilling its full potential . Obviously it needs maintaining and the fact that building fabric defects are appearing suggests maintenance could be better.

I reported the issue to the Council on the 7 th of September

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